Michael B. Duffin

Industry Advocate

Springboro, OH

PMPA Frank T. McGinnis Merit Award


The Merit Award is the Association’s highest award, conferred only upon recommendation of the Executive Committee. First presented in 1943, the Merit Award recognizes the recipient’s contributions and continued service for the benefit of the Association and the Industry above and beyond the duties of any appointed or elected Association office. Presented only when an individual has clearly met the requirements, the award is not given every year. Eligibility for the PMPA Merit Award extends to any employee of any member company.

In recognition of Frank T. McGinnis who served the Association as its Executive Vice President from 1952 to 1992, the Executive Committee in 1993 renamed the Merit Award the Frank T. McGinnis Merit Award.

My dad had a sign in his office that read “People are Important.” That operating philosophy was proven when he started profit-sharing and pension programs for employees of Duffin Manufacturing. I followed his example and expanded the profit sharing into a successful gainsharing system for the benefit of all employees.

I served as Executive Director of the Precision Machined Products Association from 2002 until retirement in 2013. The trade association was founded in 1933 in Cleveland, Ohio, and has 500 member companies in the precision screw machine industry. Prior to my work with the association, I was an owner and President of the Duffin Manufacturing Company in Elyria, Ohio.

At Duffin Mfg Company, we machined many brass parts and fittings for the plumbing industry. The company was a member of PMPA. I was active in the association as a director, a chapter officer and a member of several PMPA committees from 1972 to 1999.

My experience and background as a member of PMPA made me a qualified candidate to lead the association. I had first-hand knowledge of the industry and of the workings of the association, especially having served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. In 2002 PMPA was in a time of transition. During my tenure, we upgraded our website several times, introduced a new membership data base system, a simplified financial accounting system, streamlined Board procedures and revamped the governing Code of Regulations. Our signature member benefit was the use of “listserves,” on-line email forums for the exchange of ideas and problem-solving solutions.

We expanded the Precision Machine Technology Show which was first held in 2001. PMTS has since grown and is the only show in North America focused solely on the precision machining industry. Revenues generated by the show have stabilized PMPA finances and help keep member company dues affordable.

PMPA continues to present 3 national meetings annually. The National Technical Conference attracts up to 500 participants. This conference and the Management Update program offer ideas and training to young shop floor technicians as well as to seasoned industry leaders.

While at the association, we expanded the visibility and scope of the PMPA Education Foundation. Many small grants were given to companies and training schools to promote education and careers in the precision machining industry.

Career Inspiration

My grandfather, Nicholas W. Duffin, was sales representative for several metalworking companies in the greater Cleveland area, including the Couch-Uthe company in Elyria, OH.

My father, William T. Duffin, started his career in the screw machine industry in 1946 after service in the Army during WWII. He worked his way up to VP of Sales of the Couch-Uthe company. In 1956 he founded Duffin Manufacturing Company in Lorain, OH. The company grew from 8 employees in 1956 to 100 employees in 2 locations in 1964.

Career History


Executive Director, Precision Machined Products Association, Brecksville, OH. Hired by the PMPA Executive Committee as the Interim Director following death of the previous executive in 2001. After a 3-month trial, the PMPA Board hired me as only the 4th Executive Director in PMPA’s 70-year history. 


Project Manager, Norlake Manufacturing, Elyria, OH. Led a team in the production of electric transformers for the communications industry.


President and Treasurer, Duffin Manufacturing Company, Elyria, OH. Appointed President in 1979. Sold Duffin Mfg to a major faucet manufacturer in 1994 and left the business in 1999.


Lieutenant, Armor Branch, U.S. Army. Assigned to Machinist Training Division in the Metalworking Trades School at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD.


Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Dayton, 1970


From 1967 to 1969 I worked in the summers at Duffin Manufacturing Company. I operated Brown & Sharpe and New Britain screw machines and Snow drilling and tapping machines. I did a variety of material handling jobs from cleaning to packaging parts.


PMPA Frank T. McGinnis Merit Award, 2013, recognizing contributions and service for the benefit of the association and the precision machining industry.