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a) The Manufacturing Ledger is a fundraising initiative that aims to provide annual financial support to the American Precision Museum so that the museum is able to successfully preserve manufacturing history, in addition to educating and inspiring our next generation of innovators.

b) Created by the American Precision Museum, the Manufacturing Ledger is a digital exhibit designed to recognize the people of manufacturing, their careers and contributions to the manufacturing industry and to the betterment of society.

The only requirement is that the person you wish to recognize, has or is currently working in the manufacturing community. The stories we are recording include those of manufacturers, machine tool builders, machine tool distributors, CTE Educators, manufacturing technology associations, publishers and advocates.

It is simple...  Click CONTRIBUTE and you’ll be sent to a page where you can make a suggested $500 tax-deductible donation to the American Precision Museum. Once your contribution is received, you will be given access to a questionnaire that will help build a unique profile page about the person you wish to recognize.

No. You can login as many times as necessary. All of your changes will be saved.

Answer as many questions as you possibly can. The profile will include all of the information that you submit. Any sections that are left incomplete will not appear on the profile in the exhibit.

Once you submit the questionnaire, it will be reviewed by the APM staff before posting.  You will be contacted with any questions or need for clarification.  Once it is proofread and approved, the profile will go live and be shared with the world for generations to come.


All donations collected are used to fund the Manufacturing Ledger exhibit, as well as to advance the mission of the American Precision Museum, including preserving the 1846 National Historic Landmark building and world-class machine tool collection; developing and maintaining engaging exhibits; implementing STEM education programs; designing and implementing programs and campaigns that inspire youth to consider careers in high tech manufacturing.

Friends of APM are a community of people who choose to support the museum with an annual contribution of $250 which helps the museum to advance their mission of preserving history, educating a diverse audience through multimedia exhibits and inspiring young people, their parents and educators about the many exciting career opportunities in manufacturing. In addition, Friends will have unlimited entrance to the museum with behind-the-scenes tours available by appointment.

American Precision Museum

Based in Vermont’s Precision Valley, the American Precision Museum houses one of the nation's largest historically significant collections of machine tools.

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