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The Manufacturing Ledger is an ever-growing, interactive exhibit filled with inspiring stories of men and women whose careers in manufacturing had a significant impact on our quality of life. Search the stories of manufacturers, machine tool builders, machine tool distributors, teachers, instructors, and industry advocates. Read how their careers inspired others and led to decades of innovation.

This Manufacturing Ledger aims to be the most diverse and complete record of lives spent innovating and moving our nation forward.

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Be Inspired

Read the stories of the inventors who led the path for the American System of Manufacturing, with innovative machine tools that produced precision parts with a level of accuracy never seen before. Read the stories of the men and women on the shop floor that put those tools to work, producing the appliances, automobiles, and aircraft that improved our quality of life. Read the stories of the entrepreneurial spirit in small job shops that grew to industry titans. Read the stories of machinists and engineers who have become teachers and instructors at technical schools to inspire and teach the next generation of innovators to move the people and progress of American Manufacturing into the future

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Machine Tool Hall of Fame

Read the profiles of the Machine Tool Hall of Fame members to learn more about the people behind the technology used for machining precision parts with consistency and in high-volumes.  


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Lifetime Achievement

Search the profiles of those whose careers have earned them recognition as innovators and leaders in the manufacturing industry. The American Precision Museum has partnered with key industry associations, the AMT, PMPA, NTMA, and WIM to include their stories here, in The Manufacturing Ledger.