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Our aspiration is to share stories about a broad range of people and their careers that contribute to the continuing progress of American Manufacturing. To accomplish this the Manufacturing Ledger includes profiles of men and women who worked in the following industry segments:  manufacturers, machine tool builders, machine tool distributors, educators, and industry advocates. In fact, many of the profiles you'll read include careers that spanned two or more of these segments. Following is a brief description of each...

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Machine Tool Builder

The term "machine tool builder" implies a company that builds machine tools for sale to other companies, who then use them to manufacture subsequent products. Macroeconomically, machine tools are only means to ends (with the ends being the manufactured products); they are not the ends themselves. Thus it is in the nature of machine tools that there is a spectrum of relationships between their builders, their users, and the end users of the products that they make.

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Machine Tool Distributor

A company that represents multiple brands of machine tools, automation, accessories, tooling, and related engineering and support services to manufacturers of precision machined parts in all industry sectors. 

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A manufacturer is a person or company that produces finished goods from raw materials by using various tools, equipment, and processes, and then sells the goods to consumers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, or to other manufacturers for the production of more complex goods.

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Industry Advocate

Industry associations, organizations, government agencies and members of the trade press who work to advocate for the machine tool technology and manufacturing sectors.  Industry advocates advance pro-growth, pro-manufacturing legislation; workforce development; in addition to providing key research and information; networking opportunities; education; and programs and services that encourage job creation and business expansion in manufacturing, including infrastructure-related efforts that focus on advanced manufacturing of innovative, high-value products and enhancing manufacturing supply chains.  The efforts of industry advocates are critical to ensuring the future of manufacturing.

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Anyone who identifies professionally as an Educator or Coach currently or at any time in their manufacturing career history.  Namely, a person who teaches, informs and/or inspires others.  Within the manufacturing industry this includes STEM educators for PreK-12; instructors, teachers, and professors at vocational schools, technical schools, community colleges, colleges and universities.  Training and Development professionals, including trainers, executive coaches and mentors teaching skills and facilitating the professional development of the manufacturing workforce.

American Precision Museum

Visit the American Precision Museum in the Precision Valley of Vermont to see one of the nation's largest historically significant collections of machine tools in the building where the "American System" of manufacturing was born in 1846.

American Precision Museum Windsor Vermont