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The Manufacturing Ledger offers people the opportunity to recognize and honor a friend or family member whose career in manufacturing was an important part of their life. Your contribution ensures their hard work and dedication will be recorded and shared in a museum dedicated to manufacturing. Their profile will be indexed and searchable by the industry sector they worked in, the various job functions held throughout their career, and the companies they work for, so co-workers and industry peers can discover and  read more about their career history. 

By sharing stories of people who worked in all aspects of manufacturing, the Manufacturing Ledger will help inspire the next generation of innovators and by your financial contribution will support the American Precision Museum.

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"I chose to honor my late Grandfather, A.J. (HOPPE) Hagopian because of his many contributions to the manufacturing community. His hard work, dedication to employees and community were evident in everything he did. An immigrant that came to this country as a non-English speaking 8-year-old boy, Hoppe gave over $1,000,000.00 to charities during his lifetime. He was a great family man, respected business leader and innovator the likes of which we should all aspire to become."

- Eric Hagopian

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Support the American Precision Museum with a recommended tax-deductible gift of $500 today or give $250 for two consecutive years.  You choose! 

We thank you for your contribution and are excited to offer you Friends of the Museum benefits that include:

  • National Association of Reciprocal Museum membership  
  • Free entrance to the museum
  • Free behind the scenes tour with executive director by appointment
  • Recognition for their company onsite at the museum and in annual report
  • A gift machined by APM interns (subject to availability)

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IT IS SIMPLE!  To add your story or the story of someone you want to recognize to the Manufacturing Ledger historical archive, CHOOSE YOUR GIFT on the form to the right.  Once you submit this form, you will be prompted to ANSWER A FEW QUESTIONS.  Once completed, you will submit the answers to the American Precision Museum and a profile will be created and incorporated into the Manufacturing Ledger exhibit for all to enjoy.

Help preserve American Manufacturing history.  Share a story today!

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