Recognize a Teacher or Instructor

For many, their career path was set in motion by a teacher or instructor that took notice of their passion and skills. They then helped us hone our skills so we could turn our passions into careers. To recognize the significant impact a teacher or instructor had in your career, consider recognizing them with a profile in The Manufacturing Ledger. 

Every profile becomes a story that will inspire the next generation of innovators and your financial contribution helps the museum continue to care for the National Historic Landmark building and exhibits, as well as provide great educational programs. 

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"I nominated Brian Cummings of Worcester Technical high school because he is so much more than just a manufacturing teacher.  He helps to instill a sense of pride in our industry, your community and the work that you do for any students that encounter him.  Brian is not only a dedicated instructor, but an amazing asset to his community.  I love that the Manufacturing Ledger is a way to highlight individuals in our industry, showing their pathway, career, and most importantly their passion for helping to make the world a better place through entrepreneurship and inspiration. I hope that Brian’s story will help inspire other individuals from our industry to come forward and be a teacher to help grow and develop the next workforce."

- Toni Neary

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IT IS SIMPLE!  To add your story or the story of someone you want to recognize to the Manufacturing Ledger historical archive, CHOOSE YOUR GIFT on the form to the right.  Once you submit this form, you will be prompted to ANSWER A FEW QUESTIONS.  Once completed, you will submit the answers to the American Precision Museum and a profile will be created and incorporated into the Manufacturing Ledger exhibit for all to enjoy.

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