Cesar Gutierrez


Cesar Gutierrez


My vision is to not only empower my students, but to change an entire community by helping students create opportunities for themselves that will break the cycle of poverty. Each certificate a student earns is a step towards a better job. Each college credit a student earns through dual enrollment helps them see that a balance of course work and certification makes them more employable. There is no greater joy for me than seeing my students begin to experience a sense of economic security, personal growth and professional achievement.

Cesar Gutierrez, a drafting and design, manufacturing and quality instructor in the Tucson, AZ area spent decades educating students and professionals in manufacturing and design. Cesar always focused on how to obtain better opportunities for his students to go after their passions in engineering, manufacturing and design by creating a curriculum that allows the students to take responsibility for their own learning and by giving students the opportunities to compete in SkillsUSA, learn in a NIMS certified program, obtain work experience by creating a student led company and by connecting with real professionals in industry by exposing students to manufacturing companies through plant tours and industry events across the country.


University of Western New Mexico, Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Arts


Sunnyside Alumni Association Hall of Fame – 2020

Harbor Freight Teachers of Excellence – 2019

Arizona School Board Association CTE Program of the Year – 2016

National Advance CTE Award for Excellence in Education – 2016



Greg Jones, Vice President, Smartforce Development, Association for Manufacturing Technology